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    top. Gre〓en onions, a crispy cracker and any other ingredients that the consumers 〓like are added before the snack is folded into a tidy pocket.A laboratory workV

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    er in full biohazard gear is patrolling rows of rainbow〓 colored LED-lit shelves. The shelves stand about 2 meters and have six〓 levels, each containing trays of lettuce saplingF

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    s bathing underneath t〓he light, and the room is illuminated in a psychedelic pink. A labor〓atory worker in biohazard gear checks the growth of leG

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    ttuce in the vert〓ical farm in Anxi, Fujian province. ZHAN ZHUO / FOR CHINA DAILY This i〓s no scene from a science fiction movie, but a common sight for scienti〓sts at a plant factory in Anxi, Fujian province, which covers 1 her

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    ctare〓 and is the largest vertical farming complex in the world. The second-l〓argest is a 0.64 hectare farm in Newark, New Jersey. Vertical farming 〓is the practice of growing vegetables and fruits in vertically stacked 〓laye

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    ers of hydroponic solutions in a controlled, indoor environment. It 〓does not require soil, sun or pesticides, and uses far less water and f〓ertilizer than conventional farms. However, the farm's high-energy cos〓t has greatly limited its scale and profitabilA

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